The Tomb Really Was Empty!

There have been many attempts to explain away the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. ... the disciples stole His body and made up the story, ... Jesus didn't actually die but only fainted, ... the disciples went to the wrong tomb, ... but none of these hold any credibility in light of the evidence. There are numerous Old Testament prophecies predicting the resurrection, as well as clear statements from the lips of Jesus Himself.

Because of the empty tomb, the Apostles were instantly changed from cowering runaways to bold Spirit-filled proclaimers of Christ and His resurrection. And they were willing to die for their conviction.

Not only was the tomb empty, but Jesus was seen alive at least 10 separate times over a period of 40 days. A world renowned Oxford historian, and a Harvard Law professor both testify to the historicity and the veracity of the evidence.Jesus Christ is alive today! He continues to appear to all who seek Him instilling confidence that, in Him, we will have abundant life forever ... Come and see, Sunday at 10:30 AM.

Pastor Irvin Stapf