"Sweetest Day" Father-Daughter Dance
Christ Lutheran, Germantown, MD
“An Evening to Remember”

Never heard of "Sweetest Day"? Neither had most of us. It was an idea that came up at our Eastern Region Revitalization Conference this past Spring.

"Sweetest Day" was first proposed in 1922 by a committee of 12 candymakers in Cleveland, OH. On that first "Sweetest Day", the committee distributed over 20,000 boxes of candy to newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor in Cleveland. They were assisted in the distribution of candy by some of the biggest movie stars of the day. "Sweetest Day" is a holiday celebrated in the Midwest, and parts of the Northeast, on the third Saturday in October. So, if you’ve never heard of it, you are not alone.

Dr. Leins introduced the idea of a Father/Daughter dance, and we thought this might be the perfect time to try it. So, our "Sweetest Day" Father/Daughter Dance came into being.

In our very sexually oriented world many of the common courtesies and respectful attitudes have fallen aside. We felt it important to have an event where we could show girls and young women the kind of consideration and respect they should expect from the men in their lives.

On October 18th we invited fathers and daughters, grandfathers and granddaughters, or simply an adult male that had a caring and mentoring relationship with a girl or unmarried young lady to share an evening beginning with a buffet dinner, some entertainment, and a bit of dancing.

We invited the gentlemen to wear their nicest outfit for taking a young lady to dinner and dancing, and the ladies to wear their nicest outfit that makes them feel special and pretty.

We provided a small corsage for each man to give his young lady, and  there was a professional photographer present to provide a lasting memory of the evening.

All of the dads and granddads were then instructed in a few simple dance steps and were able to do a fine job dancing with their young lady.

Our young ladies need to know that they are special, and how they should expect to be respectfully treated by men. This was our opportunity to show them how important they are to us, and give them “An Evening to Remember”.

Our congregation is blessed to have a very fine dance instructor as one of our members. She has Le Papillon Dance Studio in Gaithersburg and some of her talented people were able to be with us. They performed an excellent dance based on the Phantom of the Opera.

There were a lot of laughs all around, and fathers and daughters really appreciated the opportunity to be together.

The event was opened to the community, but since space was limited, we did require reservations. Everything was free.