Please Join Us Christmas Eve, 9:00 PM,
For a Family Service with Communion

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. It is a time for decorations, beautiful programs, family visits, and fellowship with friends. It is a time for gift giving, and special donations to charities. It is a time that people proclaim peace and good will. Yet we know that all is not peace and good will. Wars and rumors of wars are all too common. And for many, even the home is not a place of good will.

Christmas Tree

This was the same in the first Christian century as well as the twenty-first. But into the midst of it came the Christ, God born in human flesh. Emmanuel, God with us. It is He who has made the difference in all these twenty one centuries. Whether times are good or bad. Whether personal situations are happy or sad. Christ is here. The Child born in Bethlehem is the Saviour who has made atonement for all sin, and who extends His arms to each of us to find His peace.

He is the One we worship in this Christmas Season.  Come and join with us in His praise.

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